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Great Legacy

In 2012, we lost a dear friend of ours in a tragic accident. Shaun Wild, a 2nd grade teacher at Springbrook Elementary School was supporting an event held by the North Central College’s education club at a bowling alley (Shaun was the president of this club the year before).  After the event, Shaun and other friends from the education club decided to continue the evening downtown Naperville.

While at Frankies Blue Room, a North Central Student was stabbed in the chest. Shaun, who knew and played college football with the student who was stabbed, rushed to stop the man from getting away from the bar. As Shaun grabbed the man’s shoulder to stop him, the man stabbed Shaun in the heart,
and Shaun died soon after the same evening.


Shaun was a close friend to many and lived a life dedicated to serving others and creating impact. He had done extensive volunteer and charity work, on top of dedicating his life to educating kids. The way Shaun lived his life and impacted others inspired the idea behind Beyond Measure Training. It is our goal to continue Shaun’s legacy by creating impact by the means of fitness and health. Every year, Beyond Measure Training will donate to the Shaun Wild Scholarship fund at North Central College, as well as donate to numerous charities.

Why Beyond Measure?
Our gym exists to create impact. We believe in educating people on how to take control of their health and therefore take control of their lives. While achieving fitness goals and getting results is a large part of what we do, we have found that the person you become through the process of achieving your goals is what makes the journey worthwhile.

Bruce Wild, Shaun’s father, says, “As a teacher, student and teammate, Shaun dedicated his life to helping others pursue personal development and a shared excellence. We will continue Shaun’s vision by inspiring future North Central College graduates.”