Specialized Athlete Training

Looking for a specialized program based on your sport, position and current ability level? Whether you are a beginner just getting into the training aspect of athletes, or a seasoned veteran looking to take your potential to the next level, we have a sports performance program for you.

What makes us different?

At BMT, athletes are never put into a cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all program. Our coaches take the time to figure out what your strengths and weaknesses are so that we can design a program to help you progress in areas you need to progress in, in order to make you stronger, faster, more powerful, and a more healthy athlete on the field.

What our programs include

It all starts with an assessment. We need to find out where you are as an athlete as well as where you want to go. From there, our experts design a program so that you are bigger, faster, stronger and more powerful than ever as you enter your upcoming season.


We start with the end in sight. In order to have you on the most efficient program possible, we take your goals and the start date of your season to progress your program so you are not burnt out or over-worked as your season begins.


If you want to be a high performance athlete, you need high performance fuel. We teach our athletes nutrition strategies as a means to help improve performance, recovery and injury prevention.

Injury Prevention

Although we can’t predict the future and stop any injury from happening, a quality strength and conditioning program will significantly decrease the odds of injury. Our initial assessment helps us determine weak movement patterns that need to be addressed to help prevent serious injuries, such as ACL tears and shoulder injuries.


At BMT, we’re all about training hard. Most importantly, we’re about training smart. The following benefits are seen under BMT Strength and Conditioning programs:

  • Increased speed
  • Increased power
  • Increased acceleration
  • Improved body composition
  • Increased athletic size
  • Increased flexibility
  • Improved Posture

Recovery/Regeneration Strategies

Our coaches constantly work with our athletes on recovery/regeneration strategies. This is a phase of training often overlooked and one that has equal importance on sports performance. It is our goal to help our athletes as much off the field and away from the training facility as we do when they are here with us.


  • Vertical jump testing
  • 10 yard acceleration testing
  • Broad jump testing
  • Pro shuttle testing
  • Weight management
  • Body composition testing

Team Athlete Training

Team speed and strength training is available for teams of all levels and ages. Within each session time is spent developing speed, agility, strength, power, injury prevention and flexibility. We also work with teams on pre and in-season nutrition strategies. We have found that our team athlete training sessions are not only excellent for developing speed and strength qualities, but have also had an enormous impact on team chemistry. We can help your team develop speed, strength and injury prevention for the following sports: