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1. What were your workouts like before joining? Your nutrition?
Sporadic and inconsistent at best. It seemed like I would be on track with either nutrition or workouts but never on track with both at the same time.

2. What obstacles did you have to overcome to join and how did you overcome them? I was a bit apprehensive about working out with experienced members and I wasn’t sure how working out with members of the opposite sex would be. I was also concerned about my lack of knowledge with gym equipment and how to do the exercises. I overcame these “obstacles” by just making myself go! Once I attended a class, I knew I had made the right decision.

3. What are your workouts like now? My workouts are more consistent and I feel completely comfortable going to the classes. The other members are very supportive and make you feel comfortable. The classes are small enough that the experienced and educated staff at BMT can assist at any time in a way in which you feel comfortable and can understand-all without making you feel “incompetent”.

4. What specific results have you gotten since joining? I feel so much stronger! My lower back is no longer an issue and I actually have a few muscles for the first time in my life!

5. Would you recommend Beyond Measure Training?

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“BMT has helped me, and the obvious ways are physical; I can do reps of push-ups (never would’ve imagined that). I’m stronger, more flexible, I don’t have random back pains when I wake up, I have energy to play with my kids when I’m home with them. I recently raced my 7 year old from one end of our block to the other. Within 3 months of training at BMT I was able to stop taking 2 blood pressure medications. I didn’t expect working out at BMT to help my mental strength, but it has exponentially! With a naturally anxious personality it’s easy to get overwhelmed with daily chores, deadlines at work, appointments, kids practices, PTA meetings etc. At BMT they teach “One Rep at a Time.” This teaching has spilled into the rest of my life. No longer am I overwhelmed with the whole staircase of my day…I just focus on one.rep.at.a.time! Instead of rushing through my day to just get it over with, I’m learning to do something else I’ve learned at BMT…” Don’t just get through it, get something from it.” BMT is like my own personal safe haven. The atmosphere and my experience here has been nothing short of therapeutic. It’s a place where I’m encouraged to be the best “ME” possible. I’m encouraged to keep pushing myself because I’ll never know what I’m capable of until I try. I call it therapeutic because here at BMT they help you realize your potential in all aspects of life!”

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Before joining Beyond Measure Training, my main workout was running & yoga. I never knew my way around the gym and was very intimidated by weights and other exercise methods primarily because I didn’t know what I was doing. Over time, by solely running and doing the same repetitive workout, I began to get injured in the same areas (hips and knees) over and over again.  I needed something more than just running.  Now my workouts still include running (because I love it) but also I incorporate weight training, high intensity interval/cross training to help keep my muscles strong. In the last 2+ years that I have been with BMT, I can successfully say that I have achieved the ability to do the following:


  • unassisted chin-ups
  • pushups
  • deadlift > 200 lbs.
  • bench > 100 lbs.


I would consider myself pretty knowledgeable and good with overall nutrition. But, I am human and I stray into bad habits.  Last summer, I participated in a 12 week challenge to see what I could do better. Well, first of all it was an eye-opening experience exposing that I didn’t eat as
well as I could. Secondly, this was not a “diet” but rather a way to show
you that by eating REAL food you can  transform your overall health, body and fitness in 12 weeks. Not only did I lose 14 lbs., but  I never felt so good or had more energy and stamina. It was also done in a group setting which offered great support and collaboration.

I remember when I first signed up with BMT that I didn’t really know what to expect – I was so used to Lifetime Fitness or Bally’s. I went home and told my husband about BMT. When he saw how much I was going to pay per month, he wasn’t too happy – Lifetime was a fraction of the cost! Now, he is also a member and we both would rather sacrifice fancy cars and gadgets rather than our workouts at BMT. We make health our investment knowing that as we age, our bodies are going to thank us for it. I would recommend Beyond Measure Training over any other gym in the area. I have made many friends and have so much fun working out with others. BMT offers such a variety in your workouts that you are never bored and there is never any guesswork in what you need to do. Steve/Kate offer clear instructions before every workout, and are there to guide you and encourage you when you need it. Becoming a BMT member was the BEST gift I ever gave to myself.

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Lorie Hixon

I reached a point where I was overweight, out of shape and wanted to make a change. Over the last few years, I tried several different gyms and workouts. I have problems with both of my knees and was having a very difficult time finding something that worked for me. Almost 4 months ago, I joined Beyond Measure Training and have already made more progress than I ever thought possible. With Steve’s knowledge,guidance and support I am continuing to make improvements to my strength, range of motion, weight, and overall health. Having Steve plan a variety of workouts that can be made as challenging as I need them to be has been a great benefit. Kate’s nutrition advice has been a huge part of the progress I am making. At BMT there is never any judgment, just a tremendous amount of support, encouragement, and comradely. Before coming here, I always felt working out was a chore and something I wasn’t excited about. Now, for the first time, exercise has become a priority and something I look forward to. I am extremely grateful to Steve and Kate for always motivating me and providing a positive, comfortable environment that has truly made a difference in my life. Thank you for what you do for your BMT family!”

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Traci Schwendner

“I was looking for a new trainer after mine moved. I knew the support and workouts I wanted and the bar was set high. After my consultation with Steve I knew I had found the right place. Little did I know I had found what I wanted and more! Kate’s support and help with my nutrition has been great. She has been key in helping me find a nutrition plan that will help me achieve my weight loss goals. I know if something doesn’t work for me then she will help me find out what does. The workouts that Steve puts together have challenged me every day. When Steve tells me to add more weight I do and am surprised with how strong I have become. Steve and Kate have also established an environment that is welcoming, fun, positive, challenging, supportive and I could go on. I know I am in the right environment and have the right team to help me achieve my fitness goals. BMT has become one of my happy places!
Thank you for what you do for your BMT family!”

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June Hollingsworth

“My name is June Hollingsworth, and I have been designing my own hour long workouts for several years. My goal has always been to tone, but year in and year out, I never saw results. I was always told women should use lighter weights with more reps, but it just didn’t seem to work. This year I decided to try personal training. On the advice of a friend, I signed up with Beyond Measure Training. I’ve been training with them for a few months now, and for the first time in my life, I see my body toning! I lift heavy weights with less reps,and the results have been amazing! My clothes have an entirely different fit with the added muscle. Thank you BMT!!!!”

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Amanda Steen

“My favorite thing about BMT that’s a very hard question to answer because there is so much to love about this gym! The trainers Steve and Kate are a huge part of making BMT feel so much more then a gym. Steve and Kate are such positive people. I hate to call it a gym because it feels like a second home to me. I’ve met so many amazing people that help keep me motivated. What makes BMT different or better then any other gym I’ve been too? The group work outs are amazing because your not alone trying to figure out what machine to use and your not on machines like other gyms. You cheer each other on and you support each other. I would definitely recommend BMT to friends and family I love to help and see others happy and at BMT you become more then happy and so much help from not only the trainers but other members!”

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Laura Chaddha

“I’ve been with BMT for over a year. When I first joined the gym, I remember how I couldn’t even do basic things such as getting up from a squatting position without external support. But now, I have discovered that I can do that and so much more. I continue to surprise myself with each visit, and of course that wouldn’t be possible without Steve and Kate’s tremendous amount of professionalism, support, and genuine care for my health. With their help, I was able to lose 13 pounds through BMT’s “Drop 2 Jean Sizes” program. 

I can honestly say that this is the healthiest I have ever felt, and not just physically, but mentally as well. It’s amazing; I never thought that exercise and working out could have such a life-changing impact on me. I am extremely grateful for BMT’s positive environment that never fails to motivate me and make it easy for me to live an all-around healthier life!”

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Patty Kessler

Steve and Kate, I love who you are and what you do. I’ve worked out at different levels for years and even became a personal trainer about 11 years ago. I know how easy it is to lose motivation and become distracted…I did. Thanks to you I feel like I’m back! I told you before I started that I wanted a “good” work out and that “I could be easy on myself for free”. NO WORRIES THERE! You guys kick my butt on a regular basis and I’m doing things I never thought I could do…at 50! Thanks for the motivation, the kindness and the effort you put into each and every day. You’ve made a difference in my life.

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Linda Feece

I have been a member of Beyond Measure since November and while I could write about how many pounds I’ve lost, how many sizes I’ve gone down, or how much my blood pressure has lowered, they are not the most important things. “Beyond Measure” is how much healthier, stronger, and happier I feel. For me the atmosphere at BMT makes it possible for a beginner to work out next to an athlete and not feel intimidated.  It is all about encouragement-not judgment. I love being tested and stretched but not being allowed to fail.

I love the sense of family that Steve and Kate have created. It is a great feeling to celebrate other member’s accomplishments. Beyond Measure is different than other fitness club or gym that I’ve belonged to because of Steve. He has incredible knowledge, expertise and strength balanced by caring-beyond measure. This has been hard to write because I cannot thank him, Kate and the family at BMT enough for the difference that they have made in my life.”

Beyond Measure Training

Christina Schuler

I’ve never been a fan of exercising. At all. That said, I realize that I need to invest in keeping my body in shape just like I invest in my mind, my home and anything else that I value. One phone call to BMT got me in the door with an awesome introductory membership, and one session with Steve got me hooked. I felt fine when I started but I feel so much better having worked under Steve’s and Kate’s guidance for the last 8-weeks. They provide a varied routine that works for each member, so there’s no monotony and there’s no requirement to try and keep up with someone else. It’s all about me…and that can be said by each member. I could wax poetic about the deep knowledge that Steve has with his craft, or the friendly, supportive and inspirational environment that comes naturally from Steve, Kate, and every (that’s EVERY) BMT member, or the convenience of the location and class schedule. Rather than do that, I’ll leave it at this: if you want to invest in your health in a positive atmosphere with a diverse membership (age, experience, ability, etc.) guided by educated trainers, drop in. I suspect that you’ll wonder why it took you so long to find them.


Paige Ronchetti

Beyond Measure has completely changed my feelings about going to the gym! I used to go on hikes and do yoga, but the thought of actual workout equipment intimidated me. My husband started going to Beyond Measure first and told me it was better than any gym he’d ever been to– and he was right. The small class sizes and personal attention make it easy to try new things, and the community we have with the other members makes exercising a blast.