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Wellness Days

Does your business promote fitness, health and wellness? Contact us today to set up a wellness day for your employees at no charge! We will work together to schedule a day where your staff will come in to our facility for a free day of workouts, education and motivation for you and your employees to get on the path to fitness success.


I’ve never been a very athletic person, but my level of activity decreased even more after a car accident a few years ago. Fortunately, I saw an article about Steve and investigated the BMT website. ....

Our Guarantee

Helping people is our passion. If you have a personal fitness or overall health goal such as losing weight, dropping a few jean sizes, feeling more confident, or just having more energy, it is our promise to guide you through your journey. At Beyond Measure Training, we are there every step of the way to make sure you are on the right path to achieving your goal. We will make sure that you are on the right fitness program for your level and assist you with your nutrition habits. Simply put, we give you the treasure map. All you have to do is follow it!

Welcome to Beyond Measure Training

“We believe in making people happy. We believe in getting to know YOU and YOUR personal needs and goals. We will help you burn fat, build muscle and get stronger, while using fitness as a means to achieving things you never thought were possible.” Our mission is to bring people together to motivate, inspire and empower each other to do things they never thought were possible.


Movement is essential to live a long and happy life. We understand how confusing and intimidating it can be to go to the gym. It’s hard enough to find the motivation, let alone have any idea if what you are doing is getting you any closer to where you want to be. We believe that it shouldn’t have to cost you a fortune to receive the benefits of a personal trainer or nutrition coach. With the different memberships we offer, we can set you up with a plan that will fit within your budget, all the while achieving what is most important: the results you are looking for!

Drop 2 Jean Size

This program is run twice a year- once during the New Year, and once during the summer months. There are only 15 spots available for each challenge. During the challenge we GUARANTEE that you will drop 2 jean sizes in 12 weeks! Please contact us today if you would like to reserve your spot for our next challenge.

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