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The TRUTH about Getting Results

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This is the news nobody wants to hear, but it’s the news everyone NEEDS to hear.



The people who get results in any area of their life, keep whatever they’re doing as simple as possible. That’s it.



You can apply this principle to virtually anything you do: Commit to the fundamentals, and over time you’ll get results. This sounds so simple, so why is it that so few do this?


Here’s what I see so often, and it breaks my heart. You can apply this to anything you’re doing, but in this case, I’m using fitness as an example. They’ll try one type of fitness for anywhere from 30-60 days, not see results, and either quit or switch to something new. They’ll repeat that process until they get fed up with not getting results, then stop completely. The exact same thing happens when it comes to their nutrition.


To get results in anything you’re doing, you must be willing to commit. When you commit to something, there’s going to be a time where things get boring. Really boring. This is a critical time, because it’s going to make you want to chase that next shiny object. When you chase the new, shiny object, you lose all the progress you were already making.


Why do we chase the shiny object?


There's several reasons, but a big one is because results take time, and we lose patience. The bottom line is, you’re going to have to come to terms with the fact that a TON of work is going to come before you see any results, no matter what it is you’re doing.


This is especially difficult in today’s world, because we’re so conditioned to get everything in a split second. Same day Amazon delivery, uber eats, lightning-fast internet speed, the list goes on. Seriously, how quickly do we get frustrated when our internet slows down a fraction of a second?


The people who get the best results in fitness do a ton of squats, pushups and rows. Nothing fancy. They also eat a lot of vegetables and protein. Boooring.


But they get the best results.


So, if you’re frustrated with not getting results, it may be time to look at what you’re doing daily. Are you committed to the boring fundamentals, or do you find yourself chasing the new, shiny object?


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