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What exercises should I do during a workout?

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What to do during a workout?


This is a great question, and the annoying but truthful answer is: It depends. It depends on your experience, fitness level, mobility, strength, schedule, access to equipment, movement limitations/pain, and more.


Here’s a quick guide on what to include in your strength workout. I must preface this by saying I highly recommend you work with a professional personal trainer for safety and best results. Everybody moves differently and has different needs. Do your best to insert movements that best suit you and your ability and mobility level.


Warm up:
Hip mobility 2-4 movements.

Shoulder mobility 2-4 movements 

Ankle/calf mobility 1-2 movements

Something dynamic: Jumping jacks, hopping, skipping, bike, etc.



For the following complete the sets and reps in the first block before you move on to the next one.




Block A

Power exercise

Core Exercise


Block B

Knee dominant exercise

Upper body push exercise


Block C

Hip dominant exercise

Upper body pull exercise


Block D

Favorite exercise/area 1

Favorite exercise/area 2





Sample session based on above template:


Warm up:

Hip mobility

Hip extensions x10

Kneeling lateral lunge x10

Shoulder mobility

A frame x8 each side

Wall slides x15

Calf/ankle mobility

Down dog to high plank repeat x5-10

½ kneeling ankle mobility


Jumping jacks x 10-20


Training session:


Block A

Squat jump x5

Plank x15 seconds

(3 rounds)


Block B

Goblet Squat x10

Single arm dumbbell bench press

(3 rounds)


Block C

Kettlebell deadlift x10

½ kneeling single arm pulldown x10 each side

(3 rounds)


Block D

Bicep curls x10

Side plank x 15 sec each side

(3 rounds) 


I hope this helps! Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

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