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The Power of Stacking Wins

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I hated school. Elementary school through college, I never wanted to be there. If I’m being honest, the only reason I went to college was to play sports. There are probably a few reasons why I hated school, but I know for sure one of them was that I was never taught the value and skillset of being organized and having a consistent routine.


Here’s an honest snapshot of a typical day in high school/college:

The night before- staying up too late, not preparing food or anything to make my morning easier.

Morning- Sleeping in until the last possible second, throwing clothes on, and rushing to class barely making it on time. In class: Not prepared for the class because I didn’t have a calendar. There were days I would show up and not know there was a test.

*Honest confession: there was one day I showed up to a math class not knowing there was a big test. I obviously didn’t study, and after 3 minutes of glancing at the test I realized I couldn’t fill out an answer to a single question. I had to go up to the professor and tell him I wasn’t prepared and that I couldn’t answer any of the questions.*

Yikes.. talk about stressful.


Because I had no routine, habits or structure I was making my life 10X harder on myself then at needed to be.
Had I taken the time to create daily habits, school would have been much less stressful, I would have performed better, and I would have had a better experience.


See, when you’re constantly stacking losses minute after minute every single day, it's damn near impossible to feel confident.

Conversely, if you start stacking small WINS every day, confidence starts to build. The amazing thing about confidence is that when you’re consistent with your daily habits, it starts to snowball.


Getting up at the same time everyday… immediate win.
Making time to plan my day and week… immediate win.
Eating healthy food… immediate win.

Taking care of my body… immediate win.


What is the common theme with these? They are all 100% in MY CONTROL.


There are going to be things that happen every single day that are beyond our control. When this happens try to reverse that negative energy you start to feel by getting a WIN under your belt. Something happens at work that isn't ideal? Instead of sitting there pissed off in negative energy, get up, go for a walk, do some jumping jacks or a set of squats or pushups until you can't do them anymore. I guarantee you'll put yourself in a better mindset and change the course of your day.


The power of habit and routine is incredible because of the confidence in builds inside of you. When you feel confident, you’re in a much better position to battle the stresses of everyday life.


If you’re not feeling confident right now, check your daily routine. If you build a routine and focus on stacking small wins every day, you’ll be amazed by the impact this has on your life.


If you're struggling with confidence, routine or habits, send me a message and we’ll get to work!

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