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The #1 Fitness Mistake Everyone Makes

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The number 1 mistake people make is they don’t take the time to understand (1) what they really want and (2) why it is important to them.
Here’s why that is so critical.


Whenever you do something new, you go through what I call the honeymoon phase. Everything is shiny, new, and exciting. You’ve never been more focused and motivated and you’re sure this time will be different. You joined a new gym, working with an awesome trainer, and love the people. There’s no way this doesn’t work.
Then the honeymoon phase wears off.
Things aren’t so shiny, exciting, and new anymore.


You’re finding yourself not as motivated.


You’re starting to negotiate with yourself on whether you should go to the gym.


You start losing more and more of those negotiations.


You start breaking more and more promises you made to yourself, which crushes your confidence.


You start to get down on yourself because you were sure this time was different, and now here you are in the same place you were before: frustrated, not motivated, and finding every reason to quit.
If this sounds familiar, don’t worry… this is the most common story out there.


The problem with this story is that this person did not take the time to stop and figure out their purpose behind doing what they’re doing.
I recently had a great conversation with a new member. She came in with a goal of losing weight. After having a great conversation, we figured out that her goal was not just to lose weight, but her goal was to be an amazing grandma to her future grandkids. We discovered that this moment was an opportunity for her to develop the lifestyle that would end up turning her into the 10.0 grandma she always wanted to be.


How’s this for purpose? Think about it this way, on days where she doesn’t feel like working out or eating better, which one do you think is going to get her to do what is best for her? The goal of losing weight, or the purpose of becoming the 10.0 grandma.


The answer is obvious.


She now has purpose behind her goal, and on the days, she doesn’t feel like it, she’ll dig deep and make it happen no matter what.
This is what it takes to see results. You must find your deep purpose behind why your health is important to you. So often we realize it has much less to do with ourselves, and much more to do with the people in our lives who are most important to us.


When you find this, it’s magic. It’s like a switch that goes off. You no longer negotiate with yourself. You no longer skip workouts or get tempted to have that food or drink other people offer you. This is because you know that if you make those choices, you’re being pulled away from your purpose.


So before you start your fitness/health routine, take the time to figure out the purpose behind your goals. If you find this, you’ll never quit, and your goals will take care of themselves.


Have a great one!

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