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Get Moving: Newton's Law Applied to Health and Wellness

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We’ve all heard it before: “It doesn’t matter what you do, just get moving.” But how does one actually go about doing this? It turns out that Newton’s law can be applied in this situation. An object at rest stays at rest — an object in motion stays in motion. In other words, the key is to just get started. Once you do, you’ll build momentum, build a habit and  keep going with it.


Let’s dive into why you don’t have to exercise for two hours every day to be healthy and how you are much better off doing a little bit every day rather than everything all at once.


The Myth of Motivation

We tend to think that if we work hard enough, we will eventually reach our goals. But here’s the thing—you may only be motivated 5-10% of the time. That means that you need something else to rely on when motivation isn't present—namely, discipline and consistency. If you can develop a habit of getting up and moving each day, then your body will become accustomed to it and it will become easier over time.


Get Started Now

Don't wait until tomorrow or next week or even next year - start today! Take small steps towards progress each day - try walking around the block or doing 10 minutes of yoga or stretching in the morning. Little steps like these will add up over time and help you stay consistent with your movement goals. Don't let excuses like “I don't have enough time" stop you from making progress either - there are always ways around those obstacles.  This is simply your mind trying to convince you to stay comfortable. There’s always a way if you want it bad enough.  


Set Realistic Goals

When setting movement goals, make sure they are realistic for yourself and your current lifestyle. If you’re not currently active, committing  to two hours of exercise every single day would not be a good starting point (honestly that’s not necessary for anyone).  Instead, focus on creating achievable goals like going for a 10 minute walk after dinner each night or committing 20 minutes of stretching each morning before work. Making these types of small changes can make a huge difference in your overall wellbeing without feeling too overwhelming. 


It doesn't matter what type of movement you do as long as you get moving – remember Newton's law! Start by setting realistic goals for yourself so that it is achievable without feeling overwhelmed by unrealistic expectations. Consistency is key here; even if it's only five minutes per day, try your best to stick with it each day so that it becomes a habit rather than something you dread doing. The truth is, when we rely on motivation alone it often isn't enough; so use discipline and consistency instead! When you focus on creating habits through consistency and discipline, your goals will take care of themselves!

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