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Unlock Hip Mobility with the Banded Hip Mobilization

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Are tight hips or knee discomfort throwing a wrench into your workout routine? Enter the Banded Hip Mobilization – a powerful mobility movement that could be your key to enhanced flexibility and reduced discomfort during squats. (Click here to watch the video)

Understanding Your Starting Point: Before delving into the Banded Hip Mobilization, take a moment to assess your body with a few body squats and lunges. This initial check-in will help you gauge any existing tightness or discomfort.

Performing the Banded Hip Mobilization:

  1. Secure Anchoring: Anchor a thick resistance band against a stable surface.
  2. Positioning: Loop the band high and snugly on one side of your groin area.
  3. Half Kneeling Position: Assume a half kneeling position, placing emphasis on activating the muscles on the outer part of your hip.
  4. Movement: Pull your knee out, engaging those hip muscles, then allow your hip to fully relax as you bring your knee in.
  5. Repetition and Hold: Perform 5 reps on each side, holding each repetition for 5 seconds.

Retest and Feel the Difference: After completing this dynamic movement, retest your squat and lunge. If you notice an improvement – whether it's reduced tension or enhanced comfort – the Banded Hip Mobilization might become a valuable addition to your pre-workout routine, especially on days centered around squatting or lunging.

Share Your Experience: We're in this mobility journey together, and your feedback is crucial. Give the Banded Hip Mobilization a shot and let us know how it feels. Your insights could inspire others to elevate their mobility game.

Embrace the freedom of movement and let the Banded Hip Mobilization unlock a new level of flexibility for you. Happy mobilizing!

Click here to see the video

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