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Overcoming my struggles with mental health...

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My team and I are passionate about helping people improve their lives. Ultimately, we just want to see people happy. This might sound cheesy, but if you you’re not doing what you can to improve and maintain your physical health, I don’t believe you can come close to experiencing true joy and happiness.

And this has little to do with the confidence that comes with having abs or toned arms.


This has much more to do with mental health.
We all have to deal with the constant pressures and stress that comes with everyday life. Many of us have gone through traumatic experiences and/or significant loss that we’re trying to cope with.


In 2012 my best friend was murdered and coping with that traumatic experience and significant loss has been a constant practice.


My dad died in 2019 of stage four lung cancer at the age of 67.


I’m constantly dealing with the pressure and stress of owning and operating a small business.


I know many of you can relate to the stresses and losses I’m going through.


Luckily my wife Kate was there with me through all of this, otherwise I’m not sure where I would be (seriously).


Kate helps me get through all of this and is always there for me, but even up until 2022, I still wasn’t quite myself. People you love are important in helping you get through tough times, but ultimately, it’s your responsibility do what is required to learn and continue to grow from your experiences.
It wasn’t until late 2022 when I started really focusing on my physical health that I really began to heal.


I always worked out but didn’t have a set routine, and I didn’t think I needed to pay attention to what I was eating or drinking, because I never really had to.


Since late 2022, I have a set workout routine and I track my nutrition.


Yes, my physical health has dramatically improved, but my mental health has turned a corner and is in a place I haven’t been in a very long time- probably since being a little kid.


Knowing what I know now, and having gone through what I have, I truly don’t know how people get through the week without exercise.


Dealing with all that we have to is not an easy thing, but I know from experience that committing to a regular exercise routine puts you in a completely different position to be able to manage all of it.


I’m mentally resilient to deal with daily stresses.


I’m emotionally resilient to deal with the traumatic experiences of my past (and future).


I always feel better after exercise, regardless of what has gone on that day or week.


This is all because of exercise and nutrition.


If you’re struggling with the daily pressures of life, or if you’re having a hard time dealing with loss or a traumatic experience, I think it’s best to come to the realization that those things aren’t going anywhere.


I’ve learned that by making exercise and better nutrition a part of my daily standard, I’ve become mentally and emotionally resilient, which has ultimately led to feelings of joy and happiness I haven’t experienced since being a kid.


If you’re struggling, just start by going for a walk and eating more protein. Aim for being consistent and slowly improving over time, and I guarantee you’ll start to feel different.


I hope this helps, and have a great one today!



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